HR Assistance

HR Assistance

Many businesses have made the deliberate choice to not have their own HR department.

Typically, the HR administration is placed within the Finance department. HR development tasks will either be assigned to the nearest manager in the individual department or they can be outsourced.

To ensure consistency in the way in which employees are developed in your business, we offer to take care of the following tasks:

  • HR development templates for the individual manager to make use of
  • Management meetings on employee development and planning of employee development interviews
  • Training and follow-up with the individual manager on how to conduct development interviews – including discussions on the individual’s personal competencies, professional strengths, focus areas, and their personal reach in terms of being a manager
  • Analysis of employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Follow-up on the individual’s managerial performance
  • Follow-up on employees’ individual performance – mapping of key employees and efforts to retain such employees

Additional services – to be purchased additionally

  • Assessment of employees and managers
  • Development of teams
  • Succession planning
  • Recruitment tasks not covered by HR assistance

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