GDPR overview

GDPR overview

Do you need help getting rid of the GDPR ghost hiding underneath your pillow?

By choosing a collaboration with us and our subcontractor, Lexoforms, you will be provided with a solution that gives a clear overview of your company’s data and the areas in which you handle personal data.

The consequences can be significant if you do not take GDPR data security seriously!

With our solution, you will get an assessment of the areas where you need to act to comply with GDPR legislation and guidance in good practice for data management. Our solution ensures that you can merely monitor the work being done with GDPR at your company, allowing you to concentrate to a greater extent on running the company.

The overview that we help you construct ensures not only that you have a systematic approach to how you handle GDPR here and now, but it also ensures that you are provided with continuous updates of relevant documents.

The only thing you have to do is to let us ask the questions at the right places in your organisation to uncover your GDPR situation. If there is a need for improvement, we will guide you through the process at a price much lower than the one you will spend on internal resources.

We work systematically with the project along with the people responsible for GDPR in your organisation and we ensure that these people receive help in your subsequent maintenance of your GDPR overview and policies.


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